When the stars align

Personally, I like horoscopes bc of how relatable they are and like it feels so me somehow somewhat. The logical side of me urges me to be skeptical about all these zodiacs because they’re just old mens’ tales, it’s origins and derivations are just plain dubious.

But naturally I like reading it a little too much for my liking. Maybe because it gives a sort of prediction and confirms my beliefs? Cognitive bias going on here but yeah. I just buy it like a sucker for stories. I don’t base my life off it but I like the occasional “Omg! That’s! So! Me!” sort of feeling.

Ya so like I was just thinking how it actually provides a basis to categorise people to a certain extent.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to find a way to mentally group people in my head for quite a while now and I’ve came across different scales. Left-brains vs right brains. Emotional vs logical. And stuff like that.

So my lucky star- the horoscope- baby. Boy it’s just a wild wild thought. But what if just what if everybody believed in the horoscope (let’s not take into account by how much) but if everyone did. Then it makes for a pretty good guestimation.

Yknow what I’m tryna mean here?

Ok I’m not discounting character valuations (lol is that what I’m Gna call judgement now). Apart from judging people by their actions, mannerisms, speech et cetra.

We could use the horoscope to help us better analyse others!

Bcos this classmate of mine actually legitly does this thing where he sees people horoscopes to determine what kind of person they are.

At first I’m skeptical about it like gurl how u Gna tell just from some information don’t know pulled out from where and placing it onto other people.

But then I overlooked the fact that he actually has pretty good intuitions about people and most of these horoscopes thingy is just to aid him in his analysis.

Wow! That’s so genius!

Really kudos to u man.

Imma try that some daaaay. But today is not that day bc imma sleep now. Good night sweethearts~



Random thought:

What happens when two catastrophes collide?

What would actually happen if a wrecked met a wretched?

Would it create a bigger catastrophe or would it create a beautiful piece of craft? An artwork of pain and sorrows combining to create a wholesome whole?

It could really work both ways.


It could turn out really really wrong or it could turn out like the darnest best thing in the world.

Yeah- back to the aged old diplomatic answer

“It’s subjected to the subject”

Subjective, ain’t it always?

Darn right.

They could fill in each other’s flaws and create something fulfilled like two halves of a whole.

Or they could very well gnaw away at what’s left of each other’s remnants.

How very beautiful yet sad at the same time.

Ambivalence I guess?

Well yeah, but to the two specimens under observations.

Darling, I’d say you two will do very much better without each other.


Precisely because I have reservations about your very darned morals and values.

I would skip all elaborations because what’s next wouldn’t sound very pleasant now woulddit?

I’ll play nice and spare you the judgements.


Wassa worthy exploration.


New things

The more honest I am with myself, the more I’ll be able to improve.

All along I always take things as they come. Never really giving much effort in anything. I realised there was majorly two reasons for that. First, I am lazy af. Second, I am secretly afraid of failure. I want things to be done well. I want to know how to do things before doing it. I’ll spend countless hours wasting reading the manuals, the guide, the instructions. All because I want to know how to do things right. I delay doing it and leave it to the last minute and let time give me its final push to actually doing it.

This is me.

I realised as I’m more truthful with myself, I’ll be able to find methods to ‘work’ me. Honestly, for a period of time I was super down and out. Almost feeling like I can’t go any lower, I wanted to redo everything in life. I deceived myself thinking that I could even ‘restart’ life and I’ll be given a second chance to live as a better person. But I have utterly failed to see what I have. Completely was I caught up with my own selfish obsessions that I missed seeing the better things in life. I was envious, I was jealous, I wanted it all. I want what others have that I don’t but I fail to see what I have that some others don’t.

When I saw that… *BAM* epiphany! Why aren’t I appreciating what I have? I asked myself. I could have been worse but I am better off. I questioned. Tbh, I’m not even half as bad as where I think I am. It’s just the thoughts Debby it’s just the voices in your head. You are way better than that Debby. You can be better than that.

Goodness. Fucking. Gracianas.

I could be better? I can be better. I want to be better.

For all these years of wasting opportunities, I wouldn’t no more. I want to grab every opportunity by the collar and take it all from now on. I can’t be wasting precious time no more. I can’t be kind, I won’t be cheated and I’ll be fine.

Because I have wasted so much away I don’t want to waste anymore. I want to take chances. I have failed and I want to succeed. I want to show all the others what I could’ve been. This is me. I want to build a new me. I want to be the best I can be. To all the could’ve been, should’ve been. I’ll turn the tables now because this is my life. I’ll act the way I want to I’ll live the way I have to. Be damned to all the other scum who fed off me. I’m not weak. And I’ll prove it to you. I’ll prove it to me. I’ll work. I’ll find my dream. I’ll be good at things. I’ll be the best I can be. I know I’m lazy but I’ll kill lazy me if I have to.

Because this is the new me. And I will love you for being you.

Let’s do this thing Debby.

We think too much

Sometimes, we really do think too much. Each time I try to pinpoint a definite reason to each cause and it’s effect, eventually I realize that not every cause will have an effect and similarly not every effect has a cause.

Causality is contestable because some things just are. And they don’t need a reason to be. We as humans who revolve around meaning just need to fill in that link.

Though at times -really- we should just let it be.