After having all these thoughts, it makes me wonder whether I’m still normal. It’s kinda weird. All these things I’m slowly starting to learn about myself. The changes I personally see that’s happening to me, that others don’t seem to care about.

It’s weird. I’m either really contradictory or really balanced. That in itself is a contradiction. It’s almost in its extremity.

Sometimes- I just can’t. I can’t seem to get ahold of myself. I can’t control these reasonings that go around in its extremities. And its killing me slightly.

If ever people could get inside of my head, would they be like “wtf that’s fill in the blanks yourself)“. Maybe I could think the same of others if I got into their heads. Since that’s what most people are anyways. Maybe I’m not all that special a snowflake. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline.

Sighs, the dramatic irony in it all.

I know (almost) exactly how it is.

It’s just that- I can’t










Author: Boxxesofsand

Hi I am Deborah Ho and I like to put my deep thoughts into words. At least I'd like to think that they're deep and worth the writes.

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