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She’s never really truly cared for anything. All along she’s been cruising through the roads. Floating wherever the waves took her. She’s been so well-sheltered that she has never had the need to actually care for nothing. Hence, she didn’t really care for anything enough.

A crossroad. She stopped in her tracks. One of the most important decisions that she has to make this time around. Since all her years, she took the path that was paved for her. They said follow the yellow brick road, it takes you where you want to be. And so she did but did not at the same time. She deviated from where she should be. Since most things were given to her, she never had to work for it. And in all its entirety, it came back to her at the crossroad.

And this time, she’s all alone too. So, what should she do?

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There were a few downhills that she stumbled and tumbled in the past experience. When she was all on her own, she fell. Her wrong turns led her real downhill and now she’s trying to stand up, she’s trying to get back up.

She wants to fight for what she wants. Her heart wants what it wants. After being acquainted with the real world out there, she too wants a piece of the pie. She’s wants something she can call her own.

She’s willing to fight everything out to keep going another day. She was weak, now she’s coming back. Stronger than ever.

Let me introduce you to her child-
her creation

It’s beautiful

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Daily Prompt: Create



‘Babe… What’s wrong…?’ She moved cautiously towards him hoping that he would at least give her a reply.


‘Babe…’ She cooed softly, advancing closer to him this round.


‘Babe… Please.. Tell me… I want to help you..’ Her soft begging murmur fills the crushing silence. Almost bringing tears to her eyes, she was downright helpless and simply confused.

Deafening silence.

She placed her small hands on his ripped hard shoulders.

He flinched immediately.

She withdrew instinctively.


That subtle withdrawing action.

Hit her hard, more than she would ever like to feel.

At the corner of his eye, he saw her approaching closer his right side.

He turned the other way.

‘Babe.. Please just tell me…’

‘Why should I?’ He retorted harshly.

‘Well..’ Taken aback she paused ever so slightly, ‘Because I care’

Almost walking on eggshells.

He rebutted quickly, ‘And why do you even care? Who are you to me… to care?’

‘I know you brush it off like it don’t matter and all but… It upsets me seeing you upset. That’s all. Really. No more no less.’

At a loss for words, rage was his only coping mechanism, apart from silence.



Unexpected from his outburst, she took a deep breath and calmed her nerves for a millisecond before continuing, ‘I’m sorry.. for… caring…?’

Taking two quick steps at once, foot after foot till she was at the door.

She stopped before the door for a couple of moments more than she would like to.

Just in hopes of him turning back.

She knew when she stepped foot out, she would never turn back. Ever.


He hesitated.

She left.

With her gone, he let down his guard and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

All the possibilities that could’ve happened-


Too close for comfort.

After all,

they’ve never met anyways

Strangers before

Strangers again



Left her wondering why did he even approach her in the first place


And they all lived happily ever after

As so she likes to believe


I think the part that hurt the most is that I was all ready to give my all- invest my feelings and heart and what not. Then you withdrew and I shattered to the ground but you would never see that because you were too busy avoiding the glass pieces that came smashing right after. You’re probably afraid of getting hurt by these shards but you utterly fail to realize what we could’ve been- what you could’ve had. You don’t even realize how smashed up I became because all you were looking out for was yourself.

All the possibilities that could’ve happened couldn’t

Just because you’re afraid of getting hurt