is ticking

is infinitely finite

is abundantly limited

is intangibly tangible

is something that we are running out of

is never enough

There’s never enough time

for me

or you

or us

Was just thinking about this, it could take us a whole eternity to know a person and yet you don’t actually really know them. Just think about it. Let’s start with people closest to us. Family? Friends? The amount of time don’t seem to matter. It’s subjective, yes you could know their personality habits etc after interacting/ growing up with them after some time. But you can never really know someone. You could know all their favorites food, song or things but think again, do you¬†really know them? For me, I think I don’t. It’s ever-changing. I’d think that I’m friends with so and so for quite some time now but then in the next instance we could disagree on something and maybe not be friends. I don’t know why, it just seems a little quirky to me. Hm. Another example, let’s consider someone you look up to. Maybe parents, most parents try to be role models to their younger ones because it’s like a reflections of who they are. But as the years go by, when I start to grow older (and more maturely I hope haha), I start to realize that adults too are flawed. It’s a difficult pill to swallow initially cos I always thought that adults have most of their lives together etc. Yeah? But no not really I guess? I realize that people do make mistakes especially when they’re younger, just like I do.

Just bringing it back down to the point that we are all humans and we’re (usually) not perfect.


F4T: Whatever works

Today’s Food 4 Thought

Oh yay, haven’t had F4T for quite awhile now have we?
Just a recap, Food 4 Thought is basically a category where I talk about some deep shit… Well technically not really but yeah I have some of these pretty pensive thoughts on a daily and have decided to pen it down somewhere. And this is my space for that. Don’t know if you’ll consider these works philosophical/ psychological/ whatnot but yeah…
Oh anyways! I’ll be more than happy to have an open discussion about this topic, drop a comment if you feel like sharing your point of view because I want to know what you think as well!!!!
Other than that have fun reading ūüôā

Disclaimer: Not going to put an explanatory title for this F4T, read further/ between the lines and you’ll kinda know what I’m tryna discuss about… I guess? Hehe enjoy!

Funny how it all happens

Someway somehow some things just seem to work out in the end

It’s interesting to see how most of us do
Whatever works

Now now now,
Slow down cowboy

Let me introduce to you how certain majority of the people work

What ticks their tock
What dings their dong
What kings their kong

Now that that’s out of the way

Let’s discuss the¬†real¬†reason why:

Persuasion/ manipulation/ coercion

It gets us all somewhere somehow somewhat someway or another

It’s obvious
(or at least mostly to me now)

When people have hidden motives/ agendas behind their smiley sleeves
It’s not that I want to doubt you
Or what not
It’s just that I don’t believe that things are that simple

Most of the time for me at least
Most of the people aren’t true
Most of them have ulterior intentions

So kindness to speak
Is really for the weak
Rare as it is
Almost never exists

And here’s the thing,
Whether conscious, subconscious
Let’s exclude the unconscious
People usually have a certain sort of motive

And you’ve got to be real quiet
To listen To see
To read between the lines
What they really want

And they do it by manipulation
Or persuasion if that sounds less nasty
But yeah,
it’s almost¬†always¬†done

We always do things that works for us
But we’re¬†all guilty of whatever works

Makes me sick really
but you me we all do it on a daily

Each and every action and reaction
Have its very own intention
Whether is happy sad angry or mad
That good or bad?
I honestly can’t judge that

But yeah,
it’s interesting just observing

Emotions, tears,
even that too has its own significance
of sorts

But at the end of the day
It’s to get you
to where you want to be
to what you want to be
to who you want to be

At the end of the day
We all do

Whatever works


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Fleeting Fragments

Whatever’s online becomes

Fragments of memory

What matters today,
shan’t tomorrow

What matters yesterday,
might not today

What matters
will not anymore
with time

Time and Space

Yesterday’s past
Today’s present
Tomorrow’s future

Posts of today
becomes pixels of the past
Words of today
becomes memories of yesterday

And eventually archived,
most of the time forgotten

We are all beings living in fleeting stints
The world is not our home
We don’t own the things we have

Come as dust,
leave by ashes
We go as we come,
we do not hold forever

Eternity is beyond our
sight, reach and means


We are
but a fragmented memory in time


We are
living life in moments


We don’t,


When you see all your friends chasing their dreams

Missing out, realizing you are not part of the team

Then you start to wander what tomorrow brings

Together with your crippling low self-esteem

You crumble into a pile of what seems like nothing


They say take your time to find your dream

But time is limited, or so as it seems

You second guess all the routined things

Whilst struggling with internal flings


You mentally incapacitate your boundary

Convincing yourself you are cowardly

Honestly unable to find peace within

Seeking out external deviances to you fill in


The gaps, the holes

the flaws, the moulds

Every thing else falters

concave in


Right back down into

your crumbling low self-esteem


Easily I sense

the smile you’re faking

the ache¬†you’re taking

even¬†why you’re shaking


Then I assure you-

you’re in it for the making


Just because

I want to see you smile

Even if

it’s just for awhile


It’s difficult

for both you and me

I swear

I don’t want it to be


You see

It’s not you

It’s really just me

I too,

want things easy


Tell me what it is-

if its not empathy

No it’s not sympathy

Dear lord, I wish I had apathy


I really do want to help but-

“I don’t need fixing because I’m not broken”

And that precisely is why

I completely understand