In dependency


You meant well

But all they wanted to give you was hell

Made a wrong turn once or twice

Dug my way out blood and fire

Bad decisions that’s alright

Welcome to my silly life

Mistreated misplaced misunderstood

Miss ‘no way its all good’ it didn’t slow me down

(actually it did)

Mistaken always second guessing underestimated

Look I’m still around

Pretty pretty please,

don’t you ever ever feel

like you’re less than

f-ing perfect?

These are lyrics from pink’s perfect, it’s been a fave of mine for some time now, recommend listening to it if you ever feel inadequate it’s a good song to calm the insides lol old but gold



“They’re always coming back”

You’re right. 

“Hey there. How’re you?”

And you’ve got no right. 
It seems like you’ve forgotten the heartbreak you brought me. 

Well guess what,

“I haven’t”

The best

Define success.

Everyone of us has our own definition of success. What’s successful to you might not be successful to me and vice versa. My wants may not be your wants vice versa. But what is considered successful? A home? Wealth? Fame? Status?

I believe in being better. In my definition, absolute success does not exist. There’s always better. There’s a Chinese idiom that goes “一山比一山高” which means there’s always a mountain higher than another mountain.

So, we could always be better but not the best. Yes we could aim for the best or the best that we can be.  But it’s not humanely possible to be the best at something because there will always be someone better. This is reality served on a cold cut platter.

Be the best you can be.

Darlin’ you do you best 🙂

Food 4 Thought- Flyers Distribution

I have decided to start a new post genre called “Food 4 Thought”.

These are absolutely random floating pieces of seemingly thought provoking issues that I have somewhere somehow collected over time- epiphany or not I don’t know how to categorize it. But yeah, just going to pen it down here for keeps sake.

Today’s discussion is:

Flyers distribution

You know how when you’re walking and you get flyers shoved into your faces by people whose job is to distribute paper flyers?

Most people walk them by, some people courteously reject the offer and others will take the flyers.

Which category do you belong to?

For myself, I usually take these flyers. On one condition, these people have to be wearing non-uniform clothes. Meaning, they are in plain clothes and not in any work attire. Reason being, I think the non-attired flyers distributors are people who are distributing these flyers as their part-time job. They are not working for that particular company and they just get paid to distribute flyers (Side note: Also heard that they get paid by the number of flyers they give out).

For my mother, she wouldn’t take the flyers. Reason being, she wants to save the earth by not taking these slips of paper.

However, I don’t fully agree with this because the flyers are already printed out. If its not taken by me, it will be taken by somebody else and the trees have already died for that paper to be in existence.

So when I’m out with my mom and when we pass by someone who is distributing flyers, I would take them (on my fulfilled condition). And my mom will tell me not to take the flyers and ‘save the earth’.

The debate:

Should we take the paper- help the poor fellow a little


should we not take the paper – and save the earth?

So, what would you do?

The resulting action is honestly to each their own choice preference.







But personally, I take the paper from the flyer distributor guy then try to find a recycling bin nearby to recycle this slip of paper.

Win-win, right?